Sunday, 14 June 2009

tralalalala yesterday was my mom's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM haha and I was the first one saying happy birthday to her, at 12.00 wow amazing eh? my mom's birthday was cool, but the different is I don't have any present to give her. it's not because I don't want to give her something, but I don't have time to make something or even buy something, although my money is quiet much haha. but I made her a letter, and yea she cried haha. we went nowhere yesterday, just stayed at home and spent time together. but she was soooooooooo happy, I'm so glad to see her like that. oh yea, yesterday she went to a pengajian and arisan from morning until afternoon. but she went home for a while at 1pm hehe. but I'm happy to see her happy like that, really. so today is quiet cool too, me and my mom went to PIM to bought Burger King for lunch, and ya know what? I'm still wearing my pijamas shirt -.- hahaha I just realized that when my car just arrived. but thats alright I feels great wearing pijamas (crazy and stupid).
well, I hope tomorrow will be a great great great day! why? because tomorrow me and (almost) my classmates are going to Dufan. geez I'm so exited. DUFAN WOOOYEAH I'M COMING! oh yea I almost forgot, I got a hair cut yesterday ehehe and of course mom cutted it hihi thanks mommy. and oh you know what, yesterday I almost lost two of my most-important things. my cellphone and my iPod. fuck man, I forgot where I put them. but this morning, those things are already in my hand, thats whyI said almost lost. I found my cellphone at the bottom and soooo deep under my bed, and my iPod was in very deep and dark under the-chair of my car hahahaha what a fucking things -.-" but now they're already in my hand now auhauahha so tralalala I'm so happy yippie! :D
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well thats me and my mom, 12 years ago hahaha cute eh?

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